University course modules

Course modules specifically related to Ukraine or the Ukrainian language available at UK universities:

University of Cambridge

At undergraduate level, modules available to all students taking a degree in Modern and Medieval Languages include Introduction to the Language, Literature and Culture of Ukraine (SL9), Studies in Twentieth Century Ukrainian Literature and Film (SL10) and The History and Culture of Early Rus (SL2).

Non-degree courses in Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Ukrainian are also available, open to all members of the University.

For further information on Ukrainian studies at Cambridge visit the Cambridge Ukrainian Studies website.

There is a Ukrainian society at the university.

University College London

At undergraduate level, the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) offers a degree in Ukrainian and East European Studies. The core modules taken as part of this degree are Ukrainian Level 1, Ukrainian Level 2, Ukrainian Level 3, Ukrainian Culture and Text and The Making of Modern Ukraine.

The above courses are also available as core or optional modules of other UCL degree programmes in which Ukrainian can be studied, for example Russian with an East European Language, Modern Languages, Language and Culture, or Mathematics with Modern Languages.

At postgraduate level, Ukrainian can be taken as a language component of various taught M.A. and M.Res degree programmes at SSEES.

University of Oxford

At postgraduate level, the M.St. and M.Phil. degrees in Slavonic Studies include optional modules relating to the Ukrainian language.

There is a Ukrainian society at the university.